FarmShare Comes To Help Feed Jacksonville

Plenty of Pomp and Circumstance as Farm Share Comes To The Aid Of The Needy

Farm Share Brought their Mission To Jacksonville, Florida today and My9oh4 was THE ONLY OUTLET at the School Of Success Academy-Sos with  State Representative Kimberly Daniels and District 14 staffs today helping the needy.

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Farm Share started in the early 1990’s with a goal to distribute food without fees of any kind of Agency Help. No soup kitchens, homeless shelters, food banks, churches, and more.

Since its inception, we have grown to accommodate a growing hunger. Many large groups collect food donations from the public and charge a per-pound “shared maintenance fee” to your local church, soup kitchen, etc. for this food. These fees add up to hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions!) of dollars per year.

If the agency cannot afford the shared maintenance fees, they do not get the food. Smaller grass-root agencies that cannot afford the shared maintenance fees get left out in the cold. Farm Share gives food to our recipient agencies without fees of any kind.

For more info on Farm Share or to see when they will be in your neighborhood, check them out by CLICKING HERE.

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