Drop Your Drawers

Let’s Help The Needy

It is because you care that Dignity U Wear has provided millions of new items to people in need for 17 years. Children, women in crisis, the homeless, and veterans are the primary recipients. However, the goal is to never turn away someone in need. After all, for the disadvantaged, getting a step up when life knocks one down is crucial. Whether an individual is focused on getting an education, obtaining a new job, or, as in the case of many veterans, transitioning from military to civilian life, Dignity U Wear believes even small gestures can pay big dividends. We work with hundreds of nonprofits agencies, who in turn identity the needs in our focus area. To support us is to support so many hardworking nonprofits.

Dignity U Wear has forged close relationships with leading clothing manufacturers and retailers, as new clothing is sent directly to our warehouse in Jacksonville, FL. Next, clothing is sorted and boxed by style, size and gender, and now ready to be re-packaged for agencies that place requests based on needs. The most requested is underwear and we simply cannot keep up with demand. Every item is highly valued as we affirm people with the gift of dignity as they strive to move their lives to a better place.

For every $5 raised, we can serve five people in need. For every donation someone’s day starts with a little less discouragement, a little more hope, and a small gesture of caring from you.


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