Disaster In The Park

The Devastation That  Will Land 80’s In The Park Promoter In Court

People think it is setting up Music Festivals would be Simple. It’s Just math. Right!  Take some Great Bands that play the same kind of music. Add a Big Pretty Venue to have your Festival At. Sell Tickets. And make a TON OF MONEY.  It should be SIMPLE!

One promoter, Richard Hendry  must have been thinking that the last 4 years, after he stated 80’s In The Park in Melbourne, Florida. This would be 80’s In The Park’s 5th Show and you would EXPECT this to be Simple.



Below you can follow up on what went down, but for a moment remember why we were there!


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From the beginning  80’s In The Park Version 5, seemed doomed. First it was scheduled for September 21st thru September 24, but was postponed because of Hurricane Maria. Then 2 weeks ago the  International Palms Resort & Conference Center Cocoa Beach FL had a fire in one of the rooms But as we approached Festival Weekend Mother Nature sure put on Amazing Weather. On Friday concert goers were treated to an 80’s day about the Victory Casino Cruise, and the fans had a BLAST! And that is where pieces started to fall apart.

Let’s stop a second and  take a trip back to August of 2017, when LockedIN Magazine started dealing with Richard Hendry.  “The Beginning Months we pretty bad”, Jonathan Durst owner of LockedIN Magazine, “Richard’s first payment on the promotion of the event took 2 weeks longer then it should have been, with Richard making excuses Daily.” From that day to today, the situation only got worse. “Richard wouldn’t answer calls, texts and blocked me on facebook and from his page.”  The only person that would talk to LockedIN Magazine from September 2017 until now, is festival co-producer David Rivera.

In several calls, texts and emails David Rivera explained that Richard was the Set up man, and that David was the money. Richard said, Pay this guy, and David complied. Not a smart move, but you need to be able to TRUST your partner. Now with bands being told NOT to show up, postponing artists and other complications, 80’s In The Park is falling Apart.

Jeff Cohen Posted this on Saturday (5 hrs)
What a joke! Rooms are a mess, keys don’t work “park” is a parking lot! Bands cancelling, scheduale changed no notice, only band i came for goes on now almost two hours after posted ( as I’m on way to airport) Bands almost walking out as no rooms/not as many as promised, stay away from this place!
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And then things started getting Nasty….
Ted Poley, is a rock singer and drummer most famous for being in the band Danger Danger. Poley was flown down to Cocoa Beach for the show, and first finding out there were no hotel rooms, was told not to worry about it. Poley posted this….
 And if you believe that Poley further stated, “so if anybody wants to come to a private acoustic show let me know, fuck you Richard & 80s in the park.” And Started his own festival for the day!

Rock ‘N Roll will never Die
As Festivals go 80’s In The Park had a total of 5 shows. Billed as “the biggest ‘80s weekend since the ‘80s,” the hugely successful ‘80s IN THE PARK festival is revving for a quick and violent death. According to reports $60, 000 in ticket money came in from the Festival, which spent about $2500 on each act, and for some reason is hemorrhaging money like a drain. No concert shirts were printed this year, well, the blank shirts are there, but the Designing was never done. From the Hotel rooms that weren’t available for guests and bands, to the parking lot theater to the “Rude Staff” that was reported telling a concert goer, you will see who you will see, go sit down and try to look happy!
This isn’t the First law suit that Hendry will face with 80’s In The Park, according to Hendry, “Gallagher’s performance during the inaugural ’80s in the Park music festival went over like a watermelon getting slugged by a sledgehammer”, so afterward, a contractual dispute arose between Hendry and Gallagher’s former manager, Craig Marquardo of Oregon. Hendry refused to pay Marquardo Gallagher’s $5,000 appearance fee — and in response, Marquardo sued Hendry last November in Brevard County Circuit Court.  Marquardo won that lawsuit in April of 2015 for $49,359 !  Craig Marquardo, sued Hendry again in November 2013. The lawsuit also sought an unpaid $3,600 fee for Marquardo’s other client at the show: Tommy Tutone, the pop band that recorded the 1981 hit “867-5309/Jenny.” Brevard Circuit Court Judge David Dugan awarded Marquardo $17,200 in damages and $32,159 in attorney’s fees.
So after day 2 of the kind of 80’s In The Park Festival, with drama at every corner, we leave you with these thoughts for tomorrow!
1. What Bands Will Be Playing
2. Will They Be There at the assigned time
3. Will There Be Sound
Until then concert goers……

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