Call Of Duty Going Back To The Basics


Call Of Duty, or COD as the gamers refer to it has provided a popular installment in our Xbox for over a 10 years and in that time the franchise has changed the game of First-Person Shooters.



Their latest offering, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare did not reach the dizzying heights of Black Ops‘ success, however, and now Activision are harking back to the game’s gritty origins.

The franchise has developed through time – literally – initially set in the trenches of WW2 and most recently moving the combat sequences to outer-space, much to the disappointment of combat traditionalists.

Answering the loyal fans’ prayers, the software giant released a statement, saying:

In 2017, Activision will take Call of Duty back to its roots and traditional combat will once again take centre stage.



This is what our dedicated community of Call of Duty players and Sledgehammer Games, which has been developing this year’s title, are the most excited about.

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Activision also alluded to the unpopularity of their latest intergalactic offering, adding:

It’s clear that, for a portion of our audience, the space setting just didn’t resonate.

We have a passionate, experienced studio deeply committed to this direction, and despite the risks we saw, we believe it is important to consider the passions of our game teams in deciding what content to create.

886 COD The Next Call Of Duty Game Is Going Back To Its Roots
LockedIN Magazine is hearing that the New Call Of Duty will be set in Vietnam. Nothing will make us happier.
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