Camping World Stadium Rocked on Wednesday Night

What do you get at a Beyonce’ and JayZ concert? The word that pops into my head is “everything” It was obvious from even the opening act that the crowd was there for a party.

Chole X Halle, got the younger members of the crowd to their feet. The second opening act, DJ Kaled got the rest of the crowd up and everyone jumping.

The show started promptly, smooth transitions between acts. Video leading up to main act recaps the prior tour, and immediately gives you the sense that you are on a journey with them, looking back over their life. The feeling like they were letting you into their personal lives through their performance. Every seat was a great seat with the large screens, stage catwalk and a stage that actually rose up over the audience an come out into the audience.

Lighting was sensational and sound was at it’s best. Behind the stage tall scafolding that at times would have dancers, other songs full band including brass band would be high above the stage. The chemistry between Beyonce’ and JayZ on stage was palpable. They complemented each other and went between each other’s songs while the other was there to support . R&B, rap and hip hop at it’s finest. They captured each of us in their spell and kept us there on stage and felt like in their personal life the entire 2.5 plus hours. We got to hear “Crazy in Love” “99 Reasons” “Apeshit” one right after the other telling their story and giving us thrill after thrill with a undeniable performance from both of them. Beyonce’ looking amazing in each of her several changes of outfits and JayZ blowing us away with his performance and passion.

They did not stop at only the personal side of love and relationships but also touched on Social issues of the day without seeming political but the feeling we should love, support and enjoy each other. Toward the end of the show, when it was clear they had reconciled any misunderstandings, they showed very intimate photos of their beautiful family which just endeared the audience to them even stronger.

So yes, Beyonce’ and JayZ show tonight was “Everything” and so much more then this writer can even put into words.

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