Arena Football Update September 14

Facts, Rumors and High Hopes During the Off Season

Good Friday Afternoon, and welcome to the Arena Football Update for September 14, 2018. Tons to talk about this week, and rumors of new leagues, team moves and what might be are circulating around the United States.

Let’s start out in the WHO REALLY CARES department. The American Arena League.  According to the American Arena League website, the Georgia Doom is proud to announce that they will be playing the 2019 season in the American Arena League. The Doom will return seven starters from last year team that finished 7-2, 3rd in the American Arena League and have acquired a new Sheriff to take them to the promise land. James Lal was named the head ball coach.

Now as to whom will join the Doom in the league is still up in the air. Rumors that the Upstate Dragons had considered rejoining the league, but also several other owners have rejected this. The Florida Tarpons are out, as they announced today that A-League Sports has acquired the Florida Tarpons, and announced earlier this month a name change to Lakeland Tarpons to better reflect the Leagues commitment to Polk County and the City of Lakeland.

The Lakeland Tarpons will be one of four-teams competing when longtime sports executives launch the A-League, a professional arena football league headquartered and centered in the state of Florida.

The Richmond Roughriders are still without a home, although during an interview LockedIN Magazine was told that they might have an arena in West Virginia. But are looking to move leagues. The Carolina Havoc are dealing with Hurricane Florence at the moment, but unless the League makes major changes, don’t look for the Havoc to be back.  And where ever the Havoc go, look for the Carolina Energy to follow. So KUDOS to the AAL for MAYBE signing a team to a league with No other teams.

One week after announcing a new league “Northern Arena Football” specifically for Northeastern teams the “NAF” has decided to transition to the PAF – Professional Arena FootballThe PAF will be broken up into geographically based divisions designed to reduce travel costs. The League will consist of a Northern (Northern Arena Football) and Southern division (Southern Arena Football), with the potential of new divisions emerging as the league continues to grow.

“The PAF allows us to expand nationwide and create regional divisions within the league.” Said League Commissioner Gregg Fornario. “We have multiple teams that we are currently working with and are aiming for 3 divisions this season. The league will be ran very professionally and will keep all ownerships to a financial standard.”

So far it looks like the PAF will have the a few teams to a league that doesn’t have a corporation behind it yet. So far, the New England Cavalry announced entry into the Northern Arena Football, now the PAF, followed by the Richmond Roughriders and now the Marion Mambas have become the  3rd team to join the PAF.

With little time to get the foundation set in place to hold games this year, LockedIN Magazine sees another Cluster forming! We reached out to Mr Fornario, and will have more as that becomes available.

The National Arena League has been really quiet the last week or so. The league is working on teams in Orlando and elsewhere, but no new might be good news for the league entering its 3rd Season.


Our Goal at LockedIN Magazine is to promote a sport that we love. Yes, owners have to make money to keep the league and the teams afloat, but right now, the battle for League Supremacy is costing not only the players MONEY, and the chance to advance to bigger and better leagues, but the FANS are also in a loop.


More info is coming on the A-League in Florida and the situation with AAL, so stay LockedIN to LockedIN Magazine!!


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