Album Review – Kongos “1929”

Hailing from South Africa, alternative rock group, KONGOS, makes their comeback with their new studio album ‘1929’.

Gone since 2016’s ‘Egomaniac’, the band took this album to a new place. Being known for the dark rock vibe, they came out with a bit of a different and interesting sound. Each track embodies a certain groove that is almost trance like. Track by track, everything grooves but in their own individual ways. This new sense of sound reflects on the fact that the band decided to all write individually. You can then understand why each track is so diverse.

Back to the trance-like feel, the synths are truly monumental in establishing the groove in each track. The synths are what you really vibe with. Starting off the album with “Starting New”, you’re immediately introduced to the synth part that plays throughout the track. This part creates almost a video game like feel. You can move onto hear more moving, jamming synths in the upcoming tracks, such as singles, “Pay for the Weekend” and “Keep Your Head Up”.

‘1929’ mixed downtempo grooves with upbeat jams. This album characterizes the new brand KONGOS wants to bring to their audience. Definitely an album worthy of binging.

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