A Taste of the Philippines 2019

Experience the rich taste and culture of the Philippines

A Taste of the Philippines is a cultural celebration designed to showcase the creativity of the local Filipino-American community in Jacksonville and Gene Crain was at MOSH with My9oh4 keeping our fans #LockedIN.

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The evening started with some Filipino-inspired cocktails and mingling with old friends as those was the second annual event. All the chatter was how great it was last year and how would they top that.
Then we moved to the second floor of the museum to the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium a uniquely built dome theater for planet observation were we watched some Philipino dancing and cultural fashion history. 
After the open floor show, we sat back and watch the documentary presentation #MoreThanLumpia with the director, Eric Torres, and Producer, Agnes Lopez. 

By this time everyone had worked up and appetite for the gourmet cuisine. These chefs James Victorino, Wesley Nogueira, Leni Rose Magsino, Rick Laughlin, Melanie Cuartelon, Jojo Hernandez, Cezanne Izle Melzer, 
Kenny Gilbert and to top it all off with a scoop or double scoop Tom Moffitt, put their talents out on the floor. Each chef delivered and fantastic presentation of their style and expertise in the culinary art. 
the combination of spicy-sweet or traditional blend herbs and fruit it was there for the tasting.

After all of the great food, you could enjoy another of the featured cocktail Heavy as a Feather and take in the art, you are at a museum, the featured artist was Grace Bio, Varick Rosete, Trisha Padilla 
with a display of wall art, room decor, paintings and graphic art for every art collector. 

Gene Crain

Coming from the corporate world to the photography industry was a breath of fresh air for me. Photography is something I have done as a hobbyist my entire life, and to do it as a living is a blessing. I love doing events as well as family portraits. To document life thru the lens is my way of sharing the world and experience we as people live.

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